Exam experience notes - PK0-003

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Where to start without blowing NDA agreements....wow. There's so much I want to say about this piece of work.

I'm no stranger to taking exams, Microsoft, CompTIA, VMware and others. I even had to redo my existing A+ and N+ exams for school last year and some folks complain about the format of those - that's nothing. Those I found them to be well put together and easy to read.

Be prepared to scratch your head as you read some of the exam questions on this one if you choose or have to do this exam.

I used the Sybex book and everything made sense and was logical and easy to digest. Plan on about 30% of the exam questions to make little to no sense. The question formatting was HORRIBLE. Wish I could post a question on there that literally made me look up at the camera and mouth "WTF?!" It was along the lines of -

"J0hn and Steve's were arguing. Loudly. They does this in public. What color was Rachel's blouse?"

- Red
- Purrple2
- Purple.
- Redd like

The typos are not there to be humorous, they were seriously scattered through this test with an alarming regularity. The exam material is not hard to learn or understand, the test made it almost unbearable. I look forward to never dealing with this again. Given there's likely a large pool of questions available, YMMV.

I hope for your exam experience you find, or have found that my experience is/was not like yours.

While I have never held CompTIA in high regard, they are a good way to get some foundation building certs and move on. With the massive influx of cash they've had in recent years with DoD 8570 requirements and Sec+ being damn near a standard requirement these days, this should not be happening. They have the resources to make the testing experience world class. They blew this one though, bad. It was like testing in 1999 and absolutely unacceptable IMO.

Never passed an exam and been pissed off about it. That's a new one. First time for everything!


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    I had to laugh a bit when I read your example question. I recently took the beta exam for the next P+ and while I didn't encounter blatant typos like you mention, I did run across some awkward phrasing that really had me puzzled.

    I'll be curious to see how I did, but that won't be until later this year...
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    Man, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I saw the exact same type of typos on the one I took (and failed) last week. I knew half-way thru that it wasn't going good. Every single question seemed way too verbose and yet didn't explain at all what they were looking for.

    I'm getting around 80% on the practice tests in udemy but scored a 647 on the actual test. Really hoping the questions on the retake make a whole lot more sense.
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    have you done your retake?? I also failed my first attempt with a 620 i think .. i don't even remember the questions they asked I just had such a horrible experience icon_sad.gif
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