Security+ Knocked Out, CASP Next....maybe???

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Hey all, I am thinking of going ahead and getting CASP out of the way next then maybe CISSP. I was military prior and in my Warrant Officer Advanced Course we had to do A+ and Network+ in 3 weeks. I then got out and now working in a DOD 8570 position and I'm thinking CASP or Project Management Professional is next for me. I'd like to know what is the best study materials out for it now? I see alot of study this and study that but from those who have passed in recently, what did you use? Thanks in advance!


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    just some advice.If you do the CASP, and then CISSP right after, your CASP gets renewed. So I would recommend not doing them so close together. If you decide to do the CASP (which is great for any IA gov position), you can always wait a bit before attempting the CISSP, so that your CASP gets renewed another 3 years thus renewing all your certs below the CASP.The CASP is challenging. Goodluck. Read, read, practice, practice!
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    Hmmm, I will keep that in mind! I will start studying after I get in the mindset again. Is the CASP as ridiculously worded as the Sec+?
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    I knocked out CASP and in less than 30 days later knocked out CISSP then after that CEH v9 . for renewals I just use FedVTE so if that is an option then you can ride the wave of success and get everything done.

    I did not find the exam wording to strange.

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    Oh ok, yes FedVTE is an option for me still, I actually started the Sec+ Course of theirs but found it kind of useless, they have a CASP and/or CEH Course? I'll have to check it out...
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    Did you need a casp voucher for just 330. Pm me @ [email protected]
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