R&S Study partner wanted

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I'm starting my study for the CCIE Written Exam and want to know if anyone is ready and available as a study partner. I'd like the process to continue into studying for the CCIE R&S Lab Exam.

I'd like someone who is
- prepared to be accountable and is willing to hold me to my study plan
- able to help me by asking and answering questions, and maybe I can help them by asking and answering questions of them
- help me with some memorization in preparation for the Written Exam
- have similar study resources (self-tests, books, simulators)

I imagine a combination of telephone, text, remote desktop, email collaboration. I live in San Diego (US Pacific GMT -8 ) and typically study in the morning (6-8 AM), later in the evening (after 9 PM), and weekends. However, I can be available in short periods throughout the day.

If you're willing, please let me know. I'm starting immediately. (A little history - I've failed the written exam twice in the last 2 years, so I'm trying to get some help with this. I currently work as a Network Engineer for a small ISP, working primarily with OSPF and BGP)

thanks, Eric
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