I have a week to go 'til I test. What/how should I study?

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I just finished reading the Meyers A+ book and am watching videos and doing practice tests now. What should I study in my last week before the test? Are the Professor Messer notes good? They looks like a cram-sheet, which I'd read are pretty good. How should I study in my last week before testing?


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    I went over the notes I took when reading through the books. I took the 800 series so I know it's a little different now. Really just re study areas that the practice test indicate a weakness on and you should be fine.
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    Go over the exam objectives, if you can't explain what each objective is off the top of your head, study that topic more.
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    I used Professor Messers course notes as a check list. Check off what you know, highlight what needs more study.
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    I get on here for questions like these because I hated stressing out over whether or not I was prepared. I just didn't know what was enough ya know. Anyway, I passed my 901 with an 810 and my 902 this morning with an 813. I go to WGU which uses ucertify so that was my "book" it also has practice questions. Assuming you can't/ won't get access to that I'd like to point you towards my other study materials: crucialexams.com exams and examcompass.com exams. These are just tests that are different and can help you see what you don't know (I personally don't think they are as good as the ucert ones but hey). Also, I used the prof messer notes as a night before and while I am waiting for exam cram sheet like you said. It's not the best method but it got me a few answers I wouldn't have known otherwise. In my opinion, the best practice/ study for the A+ exams would be study the utilities that are covered to the depth that the objectives states. Luckily I've recently picked up an internship which helps with the business side of things, but ALMOST NONE of what was on the test have I learned on the job and I do quite a bit for my organization and I attribute most of it to my study materials (and the many many prayers I threw up).

    P.S. For the 901 I covered the materials discussed in five days and the 902 I studied for about 2 weeks (its a bit harder in my opinion)
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