Two questions about topology.

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[FONT=&quot]Which network topology is best suited for the SOHO?[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Which topology would work best in a large corporation?[/FONT]


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    Yes. I am reading the CISSP and CompTIA network and they offer multiples answers. In your opinion, it depends of what? Which scenarios?
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    I found in Todd Lammle's book this:
    Chapter 1 - Introduction to Networks

    First, how much cash do you have? And how much fault tolerance do you really need? Also, is this network likely to grow like a weed—is it probably going to need to be quickly and easily reconfigured often? In other words, how scalable does your network need to be? Pg.21
    A star topology really shines when it comes to making additions to the network, moving things around, and making any kind of changes happen quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Pg21
    Ease of installation
    Ease of maintenance
    Fault-tolerance requirement
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    It depends
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    Many different factors can influence a design. Budget, amount of users, amount of locations, redundancy, applications that need a lot of bandwidth, applications that need to be accessible across multiple locations, any plans for growth,

    SOHO- basic small office could be a cable modem-> router or firewall-> L2/L3 Distribution switch that can serve as the distribution and access layer and the users patch into that switch

    Large corporations -is usually a very complex centralized design. It could be a star design and some aspects are fully mesh depending on the design and the needed high availability.
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    Thank you dmarcisco.
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