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Hey guys,

I'm currently taking the PWK course and as note organization isn't one of my strengths, I'm a bit overwhelmed at the scope of notes so far.

How have/are you guys setting up your structure in regards to the course and labs? I'm using keepnote and things seem to be getting cluttered fast.



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    I have 2 folders, one for the course exercises and one for the lab systems. My folder for the lab systems contains sub-folders for each system I have worked on. Each sub-folder as of right now has 3 child pages, one for my information gathering and exploitation, one for enumeration and another for lessons learned.
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  • josephandrejosephandre Member Posts: 315 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Perfect. Fairly close to what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you.

    Assuming youve done any ping sweeps or full range enumeration what do you do with those results?
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    I used keep note and loved the tree layout. I created a parent page for exercises, then another for each of the four lab networks with my full network scan results in there. Under that went a child page for each IP address. Under that was a child page for each step, initial enumeration (contained the results of the scans on that host), exploitation (step by step of how I gained initial access), user level system enum, user level network enum, privilege escalation, root level host enum, root level network enum, Loot.
  • josephandrejosephandre Member Posts: 315 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Boom. There it is. Perfect

    thanks guys.

    This course is a blast !
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