Find and Replace question....

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I have about 225 records where I have a column which contains a persons first name, street address and street...
Here a couple other formatting issues with this.... The first name followed by the street number has no space in between the 2.... here are a couple examples (I did change the names and address)

Bob OR Jane29665 Cane
Luke28432 Pinecrest
John624 W. Elm
Kevin12636 Willowcreek
Dan & Angela1236 Davison
Robert570 E. 19 MILE APT 66

At this point I think I would be happy to just be able to seperate the first name(s) into a column of their own.... Idealy I would like to also seperate the address number from the address street but I'm not as concerned about that.

I have this in Access right now... I copied this column over to word and did a Find for ^$^# which will find the area of each record I need but I'm not sure what replace parameteres to use.
I know I should be able to do something with a query or some kind of expression but I'm having trouble building those at the moment as well....

Any help is appreciated.


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