Taking ICND1 exam in about 20 min

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Wish me luck. Spends countless hours/days preparing.


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    Best of luck! Hope your testing PC doesn't crash like mine did.
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    Good luck. Let us know how it went.
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    Woo! Good luck.
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    I passed it. Seemed pretty easy to me. There were a couple questions that I had absolutely no clue and never had seen any mentioned but questions were good overall.
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    Woohoo! Congrats! Now update your certification list. What topic were the questions on?
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    Congratulations, can u give us a breakdown of materials used, study pattern and list of labs used with packet tracer if u used it. Thanks
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    Congratulations, can u give us a breakdown of materials used, study pattern and list of labs used with packet tracer if u used it. Thanks

    Practice Test:
    https://www.subnetting.net/Subnetting.aspx?mode=practice (5 dollars of month)

    Subnetting practice
    https://www.subnetting.net/Subnetting.aspx?mode=practice (free)

    Video Training
    CBT nuggets has video for the newest version exam (very good)
    https://www.subnetting.net/Subnetting.aspx?mode=practice (5 dollars a month.) I tried watching a few of these but was bored with it. I was already near end of study so that might be why. It didn't seam nearly as good as CBTnuggets.
    I noticed there are some Youtube channels with training but I never tried it but might be worth some time looking into that.

    Book material:
    Cisco Press Wendall Odom (seemed to covered everything that I had seen in the exam.) I binged watched all CBT nugget videos first which made it easier first me to grasp the reading material which covers all the nitty gritty. Then reading all chapters in the book. I used MS onenote to copy all the key topics, key terms, and commands for later review. I would provide the Onenote file but it has word for word content from the book and would likely against the rules.

    I used packet tracer mostly (90%) with some gsn3 (10%).
    CBT nuggets gives you some labs.
    Some labs here: Index of /Download
    More labs here: Packet Tracer 6.2 & 7.0 labs - Packet Tracer Network
    This link points to more labs: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/thread/4933
    Also someone gave me some pdf labs objectives from Cisco Network Academy. Not sure if I would be allowed to distribute them or not. The footer of each page says © 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public.
    And mostly I just build my own networks in PT. Some had just one topic. Some labs I created and multiple topics mixed in. For example I had ROAS with dhcp pools, port security, ACLs, and used NAT to connect to a web page on a public server.
    Just make different senarios and when something does work right you spend half an hour trying to figure out what the hell is wrong which is invaluable.
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    The questions you had no idea about could've been their planted questions to test new questions or as a benchmark for the exam.
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    congrats on the pass
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    Sweet congrats! I'm taking mine beginning of Feb. Currently in CBT Nuggets with Jeremy O.
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    Sooo, you do know that exam-labs.com is a test **** site right? I mean, feel proud of yourself for all of the hard work you did put in, but passing when you had access to actual tests isn't something I'd brag about...

    From their page:
    [h=5]Accurate & Updated[/h] Even more important that the price is the quality of the content. At Exam-Labs we strive to ensure that each certification materials package and individual question is authentic. Our exam collection is consistently being updated with the latest materials for existing tests, as well as new certifications. The labs contain actual exam **** featuring multiple choice questions.

    [h=5]100% Real Questions[/h] Made up questions do not prepare for you the actual test. At Exam-Labs we verify that 100% of the questions in exam test prep package is a real question from a recent version of the test you are about to take. We have a wide library of exam prep material including PMP, CCNA, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+, CEH and many more.
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    I do not condone to using such practice test. I can assure that I have over studied for the exam and the content well. I will use no such practice exams. Earlier I found a site that could possibly detect such a site. I will post it here for reference if in case someone else is interested. http://www.certguard.com/
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    The test was updated not too long ago. It is possible the questions on that site might be from the previous version of the ICND1 exam.
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    wseyller wrote: »
    I wasn't aware but honestly I don't recall seeing any questions from the exam that were copied on that site. Hell, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it. I may take another look out of curiosity.

    No! You've already admitted to using a brain **** site. Stop going back! Distance yourself from this site. I commend you for putting in the hard work (if you really did put in the work), but your hard work seems less impressive considering that you used a brain **** site. Even if you didn't see any of the questions from the site on the test, that doesn't change the fact that you used a brain **** site. For future tests, be sure to verify the sites and practice tests that you are using. It would be a shame to see you put in all of that hard work and effort only to have your certification revoked. Anyways, Congrats on passing!
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    there is no legit **** for the latest CCENT/CCNA. they are all from the old exam so cut the guy a break he earned his cert, the only thing he did was study a **** from an old exam version without knowing better.
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    Nightfallx wrote: »
    there is no legit **** for the latest CCENT/CCNA. they are all from the old exam so cut the guy a break he earned his cert, the only thing he did was study a **** from an old exam version without knowing better.

    I am cutting him a break. I did congratulate him for passing didn't I? I also told him to make sure that the sites/ practice tests that he used in the future were legitimate. In regards to there being no **** for the latest CCENT/CCNA, do you honestly believe that Cisco would care about whether the **** was recent or not? "Oh you used a **** site/practice test for a previous version of the exam, you're good to go." Doesn't sound realistic does it.

    I truly believe that he was telling the truth that none of the questions that he saw on the **** were on the test and that he passed due to hard work and study. I also believe that he didn't know that it was a ****.

    However, what I do have a problem with is him going back to the **** site after being told that it is a **** site. Why risk all of his hard work by going back? He hasn't passed the ICND2 yet, but by the time that he is ready to take it, the **** should be updated. Best to stay far away from that site, because like I said, I would hate to see anyone lose their certification and be barred from Cisco certs because of a silly mistake.
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