Struggling with Studying for A+ Certification

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I am trying to find the right strategy that will help me study for the A+ Certification both effectively and efficiently. The resource I am going to use is Professor Messer course notes and videos and anything else that I can find off his website. I don't know if I learn best my reading or visual from videos. I have thought about taking notes from Professor Messer videos but I am a terrible note taker. My deadline for both exams is July 16, 2017. I used one voucher for the 901 exam i got 456/675. Any and all kinds of tips and advice would be most helpful.


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    I just very recently passed my 220-901 exam with a score of 721, I am due to sit the 902 this Friday. To be honest i didn't really think i was going to pass because I wasn't sure if my studying and reviewing was adequate. I had no prior experience in the IT filed besides the occasional classes at the community college. The classes were good but didn't learn anything. I had been working retail my entire life and i got fed up to the point where i decided to quit and start studying to get into the IT field. The resources that I used for this exam was the examcram 220-901,220-902, professor messer videos/notes, practice exams from examcompass, crucialexams and youtube.

    Studying Technique
    Before anything I strongly urge you to print the 220-901,220-902 objective from the compTIA website. My studying and reviewing took about a month. I first read the examcram and took very extensive notes. The book was very helpful, the book included quizzes, exam alerts, and a last minute cram sheet. I took notes of the things that were on the objectives. After having gone through the book, I then put all of my reading into visuals by watching professor messer videos and watching others in youtube. I studied and reviewed everyday till i mastered it and I even made flash cards to memorize upgrade paths, port numbers, pin/length counts and other specification. At the end my studying payed off and I passed. I was so relieved as my studying hadn't gone to waste.

    You resources are good but they are not enough, you need a primary source where you get the bulk of your information. I recommend either the examcram or the CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (9th edition). These books contain a lot of information and takes time to digest. You say you are not good at taking notes, how can you be good if you never practiced. Start learning how to take effective notes and good luck.[h=1][/h]
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    Have you tried making flash cards and taking some mock exams to see where your strongest and weakest points are?

    I tend to read through the book and watch videos on the subject.
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    Take plenty of practice tests...only take the real test after you continously score higher than 675.... in the last practice tests i took.. i scored 670 then 690... i passed with 698.. i thought i was gonna fail.
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