How do you keep your eyes healthy?

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As the title says, I am interested in hearing what other people on this forum do to preserve their eyesight from the effects of extended computer use. I am spending the majority of my waking hours staring at a screen. Between work, studies and entertainment (it doesn't help that my fun activities also include a computer or reading), I am doomed to be reading something on a screen somewhere. Lately I've been having a chain of 6h night's sleep, and that may be a factor too, but I am feeling the exhaustion in my eyes, and I don't want my eyesight to deteriorate any further (and God forbid, glasses!).

The first step I want to take is trying to prioritize getting 8h sleep in days when there are no external factors to prevent me from doing it. I think that will help with eye recovery and general energy levels. I've also been reading about techniques to improve eye vision or reduce the strain, apparently there is something called the 20 min rule, when every 20 min you take a break from the computer to stare at an object far away. I've set a timer and I look out the window when there are no people around it (there usually are), or just at the wall (alas, it's not that far from me). At home it's simpler, because I can stare at far off objects with impunity, but it's harder to do my stare breaks at work icon_rolleyes.gif

I've also read about some other things that supposedly help, like staring to the side, or making circles with your eyes. I am doing that too, whenever I remember and..well, when there's no one around.

Lately I've also tried Flux, an app that dims your screen according to the time of day. From what I've heard, people are using it to dim the screen at night in order to reduce the blue light, and help with their sleep. There is a noticeable difference when the sun goes down and Flux kicks in, but I cannot say if it helps the eyes or not.

What are your thoughts on this? How do you keep your eyes in good shape with all the constant staring at a screen?


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    I also use the Systane lubricating eye drops. Recommended by my Optometrist.

    The effectiveness of dimming apps is debatable. I think it's more a matter of focus rather than luminescence. Obviously, you don't want your screen to be too bright. With that said, something as simple as looking around the room every once in a while (not necessarily staring at any one object on particular, unless its eye candy icon_twisted.gif [just don't get caught icon_lol.gif]) will help tremendously to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

    The same thing can be said for driving a lengthy amount of time. ABS (always be scanning).
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    I got myself a pair of Gunnar's after it was recommended on this forum a while back. I do find them helpful and I would recommend them as well. I also use them when I read since they have a slight magnification like reading glasses. I noticed on the website that Gunnar doesn't always specify if there is a magnification so you may want to double check if you don't want the magnification.
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    Verities wrote: »
    I've checked the gunnar glasses, the reviews are good, but mostly they come from games and not sure if same apply if you read book on your laptop or stare in a console :). Have you personally used them?
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    Useful topic, I'm gonna order a pair of Gunnars to see how it goes. Never heard of them before.
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    @replicon: I have not used them myself, but I've heard good things about them. If you look just above your post it looks like paul78 has a testimonial.
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    Systane and sleep. Eat healthy and workout.
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    Increase the font on everything. There is no reason why we should be forced to read at font sizes dictated by book anymore.
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    Go outside, get some sunlight and vitamin D. At lunch, go take a short walk.
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    Back when I started viewing screens they came in two possible colors: Green on black or Amber on black. Compared to today's 4k, 9:16 monsters their is no comparison that the new monitors are far, far superior than the old IBM 3270's ever could imagine. Unfortunately, today we also spend multiples more hours in front of these things. Its really the consequence of lifestyle. Just as unfortunate is that science in the form of ophthalmology hasn't been able to keep up with maintaining good eye health with rapidly changing monitor technology blazing those same eyeballs we are trying to protect.

    What is or will work is a work in progress. Do what you can. If your getting a headache while watching the screen its time to get checked. Genetics of course will play the biggest role in whether or in my case when I would need glasses. For the record I lasted a decade longer than my father. Mom always needed glasses, sister, etc.

    Had better than 20/20 vision until the second half of my 40s.

    Its mild but computer work has taken its toll over the decades.

    - b/eads
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