Pased the SKO-004 today

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So I just passed the SK0-004 Server+ exam today.

I know most say that it does not mean much or a have ROI.

I took a required college class on the subject matter and decided why not, "Its a lifetime cert, I'm already studying it and I let my A+ expire, Servers are also an area I'm really interested in."

I studied for about three months just to be sure I had everything down, and it was the length of the class.

I was surprised at the exam, not what I expected at all, it was difficult with a lot of odd ball questions that caught me off guard. Passed with an 852 out of 900. I did finds it challenging.

I have 4 years experience as an IT technician, but I can definitely say I learned a lot preparing for this exam. Now on to the next cert.


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    Awesome job!

    I had the same reaction when I took the exam back in 2010. For many years it was the most difficult exam I had taken, but that was until I took (and failed) a few Microsoft certs during my Bachelor's studies.

    So what IS your next cert? :D
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    Thanks and good to know. I was halfway through Network+ when I registered for the Server+ class , so I'm going to finish studying for Network+, plan on getting Security+ since there's an air force base near me. After that I will be going after more vendor specific certifications.
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    Hi Halz! I'm plan to take the exam in about a month and I was hoping you could share what books and or guides you used to pass the exam? Or what areas I should focus on?
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    Congrats, I have my MCSA but I've always been tempted to take this exam. I may take it next year just to add some CE's.
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