old FireWall image upgrade

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hi everyone,
recently come across me a PIX515e - 32MB RAM with 6.3 ver. image - Restricted.
I was wondering if I may/can upgrade it, somehow. Do have a source of older cisco
router and switch ios images , but no firewalls there.
How is this licencing working on a such old equipment in compare with ISR G1 EOL models ?
I already reseted the passwords.
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    Well, pix are quite old. Cisco has quit supporting the first gen of asa's (only model that they still support is the asa 5505). And, is now just supporting the asa firepower firewalls. And, the pix was before the asa's. Cisco started dropping support of the pix with version 8.
    The pix software is different than the asa. So, I don't think any newer software is going to work on a pix.
    The ccna security is written for the version 9.1 of the asa and 7.3 of the asdm. So, your looking at studying with software that is 1 or 2 major releases behind what is on the test at best. But, old equipment still can be fun to play with.
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    Ok, get it.
    Initially my primary goal is to complete the ccna security exam.
    I meant it for home practicing before my first IT job.
    Is it worth to keep it in home lab ? I know that anyway need to obtain an ASA.
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    I have a pix 525 sitting in the basement that I haven't had on for years (need to take it to a recycler). But, then I do have a couple of asa's to play with instead. I'd say your better off studying with your study materials until you get an asa.
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    Ok. Now I do have my lovelly 5510 appliance.
    But its running an old 7.0(6) software version.
    I would like to upgrade it to the above mentioned 9.1 version.
    My question is: can I just copy the new asa917-11-k8.bin image to flash WITHOUT upgrading versions step by step from 7 to 8.3 to 9 ? Can I skip the 8.3 version ? same for ASDM. I do not care about migrating current 7.0(6) configuration.
    If the 8.3 cannot be skipped, then why is that for ??
    I am aware of upgrading memory to 1 GB.
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    Yes, you can just upgrade the versions.
    delete the configuration or rename it to something else
    reload so you are running the default config
    upgrade the asa and asdm files
    add the new file location and names to the running config
    save the configuration
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    I upgraded my 5510 memory (4slot model) to 1GB with one module - everything is working perfect.
    Now I have another appliance - 5520 - one of the first ones with only 512MB (2x 256MB module). I also need to upgrade the memory.
    Here's my question: WHY i have to upgrade to 2GB ? Isn't 1GB enough ? similar to 5510 ? I found out that these two models are almost identical. Differences are in speed of those Pentium Celeron CPUs, when one performs at 1600MHz and the other at 2000MHz.
    My guess is that it should work. The more memory is only because the 5520 can better perform, meaning can handle more sessions, more nat, more vpn etc. Am I correct ? Hard to find something about this subject online so I hope the more experienced members are able to answer.
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