DHCP Offer VS DHCP Acknowledgment Question

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At Which Phase of the DHCP process will a DHCP Server provide the client
with an ip address, subnet mask, and default gatway ?

Offer: Sent by a DHCP server to offer to lease to that client a specific
ip address (and inform the client of it's other parameters)

Acknowledgment: Sent by the DHCP server to assign the address, and to list the mask, default router, and DNS server IP addresses.


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    To PROVIDE, At the Acknowledgment phase:

    Client / Server
    Discover -->........
    .............<-- Offer
    Request -->.........
    ........<-- Acknowledgement
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    DaughterofrnbsoulDaughterofrnbsoul Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thankyou i was recently asked this question on a practice exam, and said the correct answer was DHCP Offer ...
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    OctalDumpOctalDump Member Posts: 1,722
    The OFFER message contains an offered IP address (YIAddr field), subnet mask (Vendor extension 1), and default gateway (GIAddr field) plus other details to the client. The client will then request, and the ACKNOWLEDGE message means that the address has been registered with the server, and the client can start using it. The server will actually use the offered IP address in OFFER packet as the packet destination IP address, so in a sense it's being used before the client even knows what the address is.

    So, yes, you can say that the OFFER message "provides" (provisionally) an IP address etc to the client.

    If you have the time, a couple of hours, you can set up a box to capture the DHCP traffic yourself. There's a tool on Linux called DHCPDump which makes this a little easier.
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