Phone interview for Network Engineer position

Whats up guys,

So tomorrow i have a phone interview with the head of network operations to be a Network Engineer. I am currently in a phone network support role so I am hoping this works out. I am one test away from having a CCNP and have been working hard my past two years (passed network+ and CCNA, almost done with CCNP).

Now my questions...

1. Did i ask for too little on the initial interview? I live in orange county CA, i asked for 18k more a year then i presently get (i basically told them i make more then i do)...they said that lined up with their range and forwarded my resume to the manager which scheduled my interview. Its a NOC engineer job at 67k.... its a big jump for me, but did i go too low? Granted i do feel i will learn a lot from the role.

2. There is some concepts have not worked with or have lightly confident i can learn anything to do in this field, but how to I put that confidence into the mind of my interviewer?

Thanks! Hope things work out good tomorrow


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    Congrats on the personal drive to learn and grow.
    (and good luck with the 3rd exam)

    Negotiation is Negotiation.

    You can counter at ANY point you like; YES, even after your face to face.
    Simply put: After learning more detail about this position.... i feel a fair compensation is actually closer to X.

    The End.

    Don't feel any guilt for countering. If you havent Signed anything... then you didnt Commit to anything.

    As for:
    "Did i low-ball myself"...

    Who cares.
    Are you taking the potential job for the EARNINGS... or are you taking it for the LEARNING?

    Imo, approach the job as a Paid Internship.
    Learn As Much as you can; at every opportunity.

    Get your CCNP.

    Then, once you feel you have enough EXP, go negotiate for more $$$..
    If they decline..... then Leave.
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    I would imagine living in CA is expensive, but if you're getting 18,000 dollars more I would imagine that would help A TON. So yeah, I would agree to negotiate for a bit more if you feel the responsibilities of the job require more from you. Once you get your CCNP, you may want to turn down anything lower than 80k though, so keep at it!
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    Thanks for the response guys!

    The interview went well, I now have another (phone) interview with 4 other people, 30 minutes each on Tuesday. They said they usually do this in person, but two of them work remotely.

    There is things I dont know, the place is heavy on cloud services, and I dont have too much experience with load balances though i get the concept. I guess a lot of this is monitoring the network as well. Im going to study the technologies we spoke about on the phone this weekend, so i can sound more competent with the next group...i guess these guys will be going a bit further into my skills.
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