Just getting started need afew pointers please

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My name is Andrew. I am 19 and have been obsessed with computers since I was little. I know a bit about computers(hardware and software) butI want to keep my knowledge of computers growing(never really satified actually) . I have know about A+ certification for quite afew years now but am just looking into it.
These are the study aids I plan to use

The Ultimate Comptia A+ Resource Kit
A+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide 5th edition

I am curious though, what is MCSE and CCNA? Any advice or comments are awesome.


EDIT: I also wanted to Note that after A+ i will most deffinetly want to continue with Server+ and/or Network+.


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    A+ is a good start, as is following with Net+ and/or Server+ and/or Security+. Those are good resources to study with. MCSE is Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and is a mid to high level certification, not for beginners. MCSE consists of 7 exams, and is reccomended for those with a good amount fo experience in the field. There is MCSA, which is Sytems Administration, and is a lower level before MCSE. CCNA is Cisco Certified Network Associate, and is the Cisco foundation level cert. You can get more info on each cert from this site, just click on on the left side bar. Which to aim for depends on what you want to do, as both M$ and Cisco are different fields in IT. Also, browse around the forums for a ton of other good info.
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    Hi, Andrew. The All-In-One 5th edition guide is probably the best book out there for A+, so good choice with that. The MCSE is Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, it's the highest general topics exam that microsoft offers for IT professionals, they also have more specific certs as well. This would be a good path to look at if you want to design, setup, and maintain Windows networks and is primarily dealing with MS software (though any good administrator will also know plenty about hardware). The CCNA is Cisco Certified Networking Associate, this is for people who will be dealing with configuring and maintaining Cisco routers and switches. If you don't know what those are, they're professional level routers and switches (very different from the type you buy at Best Buy). They can be very complicated and I've heard figures that they comprise about 90% of what is used for the internet backbones and such.

    I have a couple pieces of advice for you. First, always try out what you are learning (preferably on an extra computer). Secondly, stay away from braindumps, they don't teach you anything.

    Good luck.

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    Havent ever heard of braindumps icon_confused.gif But yeah, I deffinetly will practice what I learn(whether to do so on a HP or build my own PC for a couple hundred bucks like with low end hardware. Ok ill go ahead and order the books(found both brand new shipped for $82!)

    Yeah I been looking around, seems to be alot of info on this site for just about anything having to do with certs. Well tahnks for the answers! I appriciate them

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