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I have created two different topologies for what I plan with cisco equipment I will have soon. Wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or might see any potential issues. I am thinking of doing the second alternate image so that I can keep all cisco equipment together. Also possibly if the fan of a single 1841 router might be to loud for my living room area.

Can the 1841 handle my uverse 45 Mbps speed? I know it won't run 100 Mbps in reality.

Is the 1841 enough as far as security from the outside world. Could it provide a similiar enough firewall compared to the consumer grade Buffalo wireless router.

I do not have a static Ip from AT&T. I currently use a dynamic dns service from through Synology that I used for VPN server on my Buffalo router. Can I assume I could create a VPN on the 1841 so that I can access my network while I am away with my laptop.

I want am planning to keep an option to put the Buffalo wireless router back into it's original function when if ever needed/desired. I could just easily restore a config. I currently have some routers in a GNS3 VM on my 2012R2 server connected to the Buffalo device routing onto the internet.

Basically my knowledge is at CCENT level with several years of basic networking experience. I have started into ICND2 training recently. I plan on getting more equipment later and could still utilitze GNS3 for certain things I can do with the currently equipment such as L3 switches or possibly some spanning tree stuff.

Images also on google drive in case they are too small to see:

First Image:

Second Image:


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    1841's have only a single fan and are very quiet.

    The 1841 can probably handle the uverse. But, when you start do routing and pat and acls/firewall and vpn/encryption that could put a load on it. But, you have a simple network so routing isn't going to be a big deal. I don't see a lot of users, so if your the only user, your probably not going to notice anything. But, if you are running a website with quite a few hits, maybe those users will.

    The 1841 can probably do a better job at security than your buffalo router. And, you can set it up to be a vpn. But the 1841 is a managed device. Which means there needs to be someone with the knowledge to properly configure it. Is that you? And, cisco stopped doing sw maintainence about 2 years ago. So, as hackers are getting smarter, the 1841 isn't keeping up. But, then if you aren't updating the software of the buffalo router, it isn't either.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Beside NAT there may not be much ACL's happening but maybe there will be reason's to later on. The VPN won't be used much as I connect to it rarely when I am away. I don't run any other service to the outside WAN connection. The game consoles is my kid who plays games and watches youtube vids. I have other devices such as computers/laptops/android devices but it isn't a whole lot. No video or phone service coming in through uverse.

    With security I just wanted to know if it was capable. I figured dedicated routers could be firewall but aren't there main function and a dedicated firewall could be a router but is not it's main function. The buffalo consumer router has many thing integrated such as router/firewall/wirless/switch ports, etc.

    Using an 1841 as my internet gateway is just an idea at this point. I will probably test it out temporarily but I will backup configs so that I can easily interchange them in minutes. With some time I can learn how to do what I need. I don't need a super high secure facility but don't want to be left wide open for attack.
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