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What part of Brazil are you wanting to live in? I've been to Rio 4 times last year and loved it more and more each time. Too bad of the economical crisis down there at the minute. They estimate it should pick up around 2019 but I doubt that. You could try to apply with SAP as they have a main office in Porto Alegre or Xerox/IBM in Sao Paulo. Most tech companies will be in SP which is a short ride to Rio on the weekends.

Are you wanting to work for an Aussie company remotely making Aussie dollars while living in Brazil? That could be pretty hard to find.

Also do you know any Portugues?


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    Free lance work for remote work tends to be spotty, unless you have some skill really in demand. Most companies that allow employees to work from home, usually are employees that worked for the company for several years on site. I think the main thing is trust, they are not going to want to give you company data or allow you access to company systems remotely to some guy with a resume posted on the internet. They want to know who they are dealing with.
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    Much of the work that can be done anywhere will be done by anyone, anywhere. Assuming no language barriers and equivalent level of skill, are you competitive (salary-wise) with a guy from India or N. Africa? You're probably thinking "I can make the same or a little less and live in this fabulous and cheap country." while the guy from N. Africa is thinking "I worked hard to learn English as the Brits speak it, got all As at University and absolutely killed my Microsoft and Cisco exams without using brain ****."

    It will be apparent when doing the interview that one person will be hungrier for the opportunity than the other. Make sure you're that person.
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    Hairgangs wrote: »
    Its very expensive to live especially in Rio.

    I lived outside my homeland for 10 years in various countries in some of the "most expensive" cities in the world. The most expensive part of being an expat is trying to replicate your home in your current location (Feel like paying 35 dollars / 30 euros per lb / half-kilo for fresh strawberries in the middle of Feb in Moscow? Neither did I). If you insist on maintaining a "western" lifestyle, you're going to spend a lot. Learn to be a local and your costs drop dramatically.
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