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I just recieved my Network+ cert and recieved the usual "Join CompTIA IT Pro organization for great benefits blah blah blah" piece of paper and I was wondering is anyone a part/has been a part of it and what kinds of things do you get for being in their organization?


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    zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
    No, not me. already paid enough for the darn A+ and Network+ to join their membership program. Sounds to me the main benefit isn't worth it; you might get some small discount for future testings, discount on CompTia store items, and along with monthly newsletter. Yippeey! Nothing worth wasting more money when the prices of their exams are high already.

    If you are persistent, here is the site for mor info:
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    Well it is not that bad to try once to see if it intrests you. Actually at the intro rate of ~$55 it is a break even for the first year if you intend to take any other tests at all. the reason is that you get a 25% discount on your next test which is around $50 with the price of most of them. I think that price is right, someone else pays for mine. In the states it is also one more deduction if you itemize your taxes. Some employers encourage professional memberships. You also get a credit card type ID instead of the crappy paper ones, a lapel pen of your choosing and generally some other trash or trinket. I think the first time I got a ceramic coffee mug. You are also eligible for monthly or maybe quarterly drawings. Over the years I have won two full exam vouchers and you are always in the potential beta pool. I think that I used one for inet+ and one for server or security+. If you are on your own the group insurance might be of interest.
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