Studying multiple topics at once.

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Has anyone sucessfully studied multiple topics at once? I really like to focus on just one at at time, even though it is hard to do sometimes. I am currently working on my CCNA but my job may require me to relearn Visual Basic. Any study tips on juggling multiple topics? I study for an hour a night Monday through Friday then 4 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday and I am not sure how to split it an still be effective.
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    Do what you did in high school/college.
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    Pretty much standard college lifestyle. For, me I write a schedule. For example, right now my self-set schedule is:
    Mon: GCIH 2 hours
    Tues: GCIH 1 hour, Python 1 hour
    Wed: GCIH 2 hours
    Thurs: GCIH 1 hour, Python 1 hour
    Fri: GCIH 2 hours
    Sat: GICH 1 hour, Python 1 hour
    Sun: off
    I keep a basic LibreOffice spreadsheet and log my hours after each session and check weekly totals to help maintain discipline.
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