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Hi All,

I have five years’ experience working within the I.T. industry. Part of this is 2 years infrastructure experience, which including server (hardware and software) and systems administration. In applying for my next job role I would like to work in this area of I.T. again. I am currently in a Technical Support role and do not want to end up in the same kind of role on the same salary, when I next apply. Do you have any recommendation on how I can search for jobs online that can filter out infrastructure roles or infrastructure project related roles?

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    Most of the search engines have advanced features that allow you to use a NOT IN operator to omit those searches. <> or =! might work depending on the application.

    I would just remove break fix, infrastructure, desktop support, IMAC, Support, help desk, service desk. Save your searches and if you see something keeps popping up that annoys you add it to your not in clause.

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    Having certs on your resume would be a huge help, both in finding the right job and getting an interview, do you have a CCNA or a server cert?
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    TechGromit makes a good point. Disclaimer, I am a less is more guy when it comes to certification, with that said I think having a CCNA (for example) would be wonderful to use to find positions IF it ties to what you are good at and what you want to do.
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