2 general questions on software testing and ALM

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[FONT=&amp]Hi Guys,

I wondering if any of you have any thoughts on the following questions? Frankly, I don't know where else to ask except here.

1) Re. software testing: How do you fulfil user stories if you write test cases *before* writing the code, as these cases straitjacket you into writing the code in a particular way?

2) Re. ALM: What are some benefits of the agile approach compared to the "waterfall" approach? Which approach is generally used nowadays?

Thanks for your thoughts!




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    these sound like homework questions
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    Hi Mike-Mike,

    I'm studying software-testing off my own back and they are things I either don't understand or haven't been able to find the answers for.
    No, they are not "homework questions" as no-one is giving me homework :)

    Do you have any constructive answers to contribute? Thanks.
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