Computer Forensic Roadmap Quesitons *Career Goal*

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Hi all,

I've been working in IT for more than a decade now (Sys Admin). I've never really stopped educating myself (CISCO, HP, VMware etc.). A few months ago I realized I need a change and I am now ready and motivated to tackle my career goal of working in computer forensics. I have browsed the InterWebs and read several forums. And still, I'm a bit lost where to start.

I am seeking a Computer Forensic certificate, please no debates on the value of a certificate vs. experience, I understand the argument.
But.. I have to get started somewhere right?

In your opinion, which Computer Forensic certificate do employers respect the most? Which Computer Forensic certificate could get me that first job in Computer Forensics? Also, I would highly prefer certifications for which I can self study.

As a bonus, any good computer forensic reads, independent of certifications, you would recommend?

Thanks a million!


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    Look at the SANS courses.
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    TheFORCE wrote: »
    Look at the SANS courses.

    Checked it out. Sounds to be a good place to start but... I could not find any study material about it. Taking a course in computer forensics seems to be the only preparation way?

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    In terms of the "best," you could go a couple of different routes. From the few minutes I did browsing this seems to be the top of the line in terms of forensics...

    Now mind you. There's other certs just on the actual software (EnCase, etc.).
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    I have looked at the suggested certs/courses and I just can't justify the high costs.
    I'm going to ask this very blunt, is there a way to self study Computer Forensic with books and/or training videos, or is it a no go as long as I'm not willed to throw down that amount of money?

    Like lets say CCNA...I could self study and pass the exam with enough discipline, no such thing for Computer Forensics?

    Thanks again!
  • PJ_SneakersPJ_Sneakers CompTIA, EC-Council, ISACA, (ISC)², Microsoft USAPosts: 879Member ■■■■■■□□□□
    No, not really.
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    From what I've heard, your best bet would be to start looking for cyber forensics jobs in the law enforcement.

    I'm extremely certain that training will be mandatory and free, especially for Encase, FTK or any other mobile forensics toolkit.

    On top of that, you'll need some scripting skills as well.

    E.g. you'll want to say.. Perform a dictionary attack on a WhatsApp chat backup. You might have to take somebody else's script and re-do it according to what you need; or you might have to create your own script.

    And of course, don't focus solely on Computer Forensics. Mobile Forensics is still needed!
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    A good way to get into digital forensics is a degree from a college like Champlain which is known for its digital forensic science degree. I worked and got my Masters in MSDFS and there were so many doors open after that all in digital forensics
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    Also consider getting an IT job in an organization that employs a lot of DF people and then eventually transferring into a DF position. Legal firm employee eDiscovery people and that's work related to DF. eDiscovery would be good experience on a resume for a DF job, but might not pay what you need.
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