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So this is a n00b question for many people, I know, but bare with me...

My Requirements:
Say I want to create a professional business-looking website that has static webpages, pictures, testimonials, and a contact form. I want this website to be hosted on .au Australian domain.

My Questions:
I haven't designed nor touched a website for years, and from memory I remember using Wordpress (ouch).

What's the best and quickest way to do that? Any hosting companies recommended? Do I get someone to design and create the website for me or should I use a professional ready to use template?

The look and feel of the website is the most important thing here, and I know that many templates look more professional than most custom designed websites.

Looking for ideas :)

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    I personally would recommend Wordpress - there are a ton of people that know it and there are a ton of sites that can host it - including in Australia. Your other options are Drupal and Joomla. However - based on your description - unless you want to eventually build out ecommerce etc. - Wordpress is easiest.

    As for hosting - while there are hosting providers that will host Wordpress sites - I prefer using an IaaS provider like AWS or Azure.
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    I use GitHub pages to host a small website I built. Its free and you can use custom domains. Check it out and see if it fits your needs?
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    What's wrong with Wordpress? I mean besides security's probably one of the best if not the best content platforms out there.
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    If it's just a static webpage I think it's possible to throw those pages onto Amazon S3, the contact form might throw in a kink with that idea if it relies on any sort of php or other coding. It might be possible to integrate a google form with an iframe or something, but that may be perceived as less professional.

    I'm assuming you don't want WordPress due to security. Depenging on how much time you feel like putting into destino ng your website and how good you are at desgin, you may want to consider building it in WordPress just to get the desgin down and then just convert the WordPress site into a stafic site by saving the final html code, css code, and images. This obviously would require that you not use anything from Wordpress that would require a backend database, any sort of code.
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