Moving more into stroage. Career/Cert Path guidance.

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I spent the last weeks narrowing down where I want to go with my career in IT. I've been in IT for more than 10 years and was happy until a few months back when I decided I want to specialize.

The winner is storage, based on multiple reasons one of them which is having fun doing it, I decided to focus my future career on storage.

BUT, I'm a bit lost where to start. The future, obviously, is cloud storage. But how do I prepare myself to land my first storage job at one of the cloud storage providers, or to work in the private sector and look after private and/or hypbrid clouds? Do I just start with a non vendor specific storage cert (any recommendations?) and then move on to EMC or NetApp (depending on what the cloud providers use), or should I also focus on AWS/Google/Azure studies?

I know certs < then practical experience, but I have to start somewhere.

I currently work with both, NetApp and EMC at work. I was thinking that EMCISA would be a good place to start.
Alright, apparently there are no study books for the EMCISA and they "force" you to take their pricy courses. Well I guess there goes that. I absolutely do not support having to take expensive courses with no option to study on my own with books. Seems everyone is following VMware's strategy....

Thanks all!


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    There really aren't any great storage certs out there from what I've seen. I've had to get a few because the company I work for requested I get them. After going through ISM training and taking the exam, I definitely would not recommend paying for EMC training courses, my company paid for me to take it and I was not impressed.

    I've liked working in storage, but it is very niche and with automation and the cloud taking over, specialization in storage is becoming less common. Keep in mind that Amazon doesn't do storage in the traditional sense and that seems to be the future for the industry. I would personally focus on cloud certifications and learning a scripting language if you want to future proof your career, and that's exactly what I'm doing.
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