Should I or should I not? N10-006

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I passed Network+ in 2002. Yes 2002. My certification is valid for lifetime. I have heard that if I take and passed the new N10-006 that my cert is no longer lifetime but expires in 3 years. Now to get to my point. I have had a voucher for the new test for about a year. It expires Jan 28, 2017. I have scheduled a test for that day. At the time when I purchased the voucher, my plan was to study and pass but other priorities have prevented me from putting in the adequate study time. I am not prepared to pass the test but I would like to at least sit for it so as to get a good idea how hard it is and how tricky the questions are. I wouldn't even take it but a very small percentage of my customers actually ask how recent are my certifications .

Some of the work platforms I use do verify if my certifications are valid.
My question to you guys is will my lifetime cert still be valid when I fail the test?



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    I am in a similar spot... I am having to re-take it for WGU, I passed N10-001 in 2000 :O and have it scheduled for tomorrow. I have already taken the A+ and Project+ and passed those again... my comptia certification page lists A+ as A+ and A+ Ce so guessing N+ will be the same... not sure what the outcome would be with a fail
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    Your Network+ exam you took in 2002 WILL still be valid for a lifetime no matter what you do. If you take the N10-006 now you will be enrolled into the CE program which will mean you'll have to keep up with the CEs and/or retake the Network+ every 3 years to keep current in the CE program but your Network+ certification from 2002 will still never expire. I was in a similar situation with my A+. I got the A+ back before the CE program when it was a lifetime certification. I took the Network+ a few years ago after they started the CE program and now I have A+ and A+ CE on my transcript. I talked to CompTIA about it and they basically told me that my A+ will be valid no matter what but if I want to keep the CE certification active I have to submit CEs and/or take exams every 3 years. Rather than retake the exam I took the Security+ which automatically renews it and then got the MCSA Server 2012 last year which at the time provided all the necessary CEs to renew (although they've changed their CE requirements now and the MCSA is only good for 8 I think). Anyway, since you've already got Net+ you might be better off doing another exam since it will still be valid for life no matter what. Hope that helps!
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