Best (and hopeful affordable) website for CompTIA CEU

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A lot of you may have seen my post from a couple of days ago about renewing my Security+ and what certifications to pursue.

I now know that I can use training courses from various websites to count towards my CEUs. It’s something like a 20-hour course equals 20 CEUs, right?

Now that is settled, I am looking into different websites that I will able to websites as CEUs. I know CBTNuggets, Pluarsight are “CompTIA Authorized Partners. “ Besides those, do you guys have any other suggestions.


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    I just checked with my login, and there is a Security+ SY0-401 course on Udemy by Infinite Skills. It doesn't say specifically who the instructor is, but it says "All courses are created by trained educators and experts in video based education." The course is normally $55, but it's showing as $9.99 on sale. You get a certificate of completion after you go through all the training videos. I'm not ENTIRELY sure, but I think you can go through any training as long as the instructor is certified, you get a certificate of completion, and the training maps to the Security+ objectives. The entire course is 9 hours long, so that would give you 9 CEUs.

    In case you don't already have it, here is the link to CompTIA's CEU requirements:
    Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Management - Western Governors University
    Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance - Western Governors University
    Bachelor of Science in Network Administration - Western Governors University
    Associate of Applied Science x4 - Heald College
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    Some of the free training at may be valid for CEUs for Security+. I used Cybrary training to maintain my SSCP certification. Hopefully, CompTIA recognizes Cybrary.
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    To piggyback on tedjames' post, here is the link from CompTIA's website with a list of pre-approved courses that satisfy the training requirements for CEs.
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