Passed ITIL F v3 this morning

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Passed ITIL Foundation v3 this morning with a 31/40 score.

ITIL is not something I am likely to pursue beyond this point, but I wanted the Foundations cert for a few reasons:
  • I do see ITIL occasionally in job listings so I'd rather have it under my belt
  • It's lifetime and reasonably priced
  • It's convenient to take
  • While it's not exactly easy, it's a relatively small amount of material to learn
  • I am somewhat interested in project management, and the ITIL model is similar in many respects
Study materials:
  • ITIL Foundation Essentials: The Exam Facts You Need (Claire Agutter) -- This is the book you want if you just want to attack the required material and nothing else. It is very condensed, so you can't just breeze through it -- read carefully to absorb as much of the material as you can. If you intend to continue with ITIL certifications, you probably want one of the more comprehensive ITIL study guides.
  • ITIL Sample Paper -- This the official Axelos sample exam. It's irritating that they just give you a couple PDF's so you have to record your answers and then go back and compare, but it is nice that they give you a full explanation of the answer so you know why the right answer is right.
  • ITIL Foundation Practice Test -- 99 practice questions here. Difficulty is a bit lower than the real thing, so don't get overconfident if you score well on this one.

I used PeopleCert for my exam. This is my first online certification exam so I wanted one that used real human proctors in case I ran into any hiccups. I would recommend them; the registration process isn't the most straightforward but it's not too bad if you read carefully. I didn't have any issues downloading or running the exam software.

One small thing they don't explain beforehand - once you log in, you can't adjust your volume level, so make sure that you use the pre-login "settings check" to make sure your volume is where you want it. I could barely hear my proctor at first. She increased her mic volume and it was better, but better still would have been if my own speaker volume were just set higher.

She also had difficult reading my DL on my webcam, but she did accept my work ID card which also has my photo and name.

My proctor did speak with an Indian accent but her English was fine and it was not difficult to understand her (other than the volume issues).

I tend to take exams pretty quickly; I think I finished the 40 questions in a little under 20 minutes, and then took another 5 minutes to quickly review my answers (I think I changed 3 answers out of the 40).

Once you are done, you get a short survey (nothing like CompTIA, only 3 or 4 questions) and then a preliminary results screen that you can print or export as .HTML. At that point the proctor asked if I had any questions (I had none), and then it was over. The exam software includes an uninstaller to make clean up easy.

As always, thanks for advice and information here in the forums, and a particular thanks to Claire Agutter for her excellent book.
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