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Alright so, we have a kid who could be talking to people who they shouldn't talking to online. Anyone know of any apps for monitoring the applications like text messaging, whats app, maybe a keylogger for the andoid games where people can chat with each other? The kid was caught before but now she might delete the messages now.

I use MDM at work but it doesn't go deep enough for me to make sure we know whats going on. I would like to make it pass that level because she could get the password to disable whatever we did to lock down the device.
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    Look at SMS Backup+. It will log sms, mms, call logs to an email account that you setup, like gmail for example. I use it personally for my own phone. Another one is call recorder, this will record all incoming and outgoing calls including voicemails. I use this on my phone as well, its handy when trying to remember conversations. Don't know how that will work in a work environment with privacy rules and things like that unless its a company owned phone. If its for personal family use, then you know better.
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    I've looked around at some of these app's too. mSpy seems to be the top rated on every site. Maybe it's good marketing, but I'd take a look at them.
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    Qustodio is pretty effective. The only downside to it right now is that text messages with emojis end up displaying as blank in the portal, and MMS with pictures do not show up either. However, the picture messages is not uncommon among parental monitoring solutions, given the way that child pornography laws are written.

    However it does do locations, app usage, web content/blocking, app restrictions, time restrictions, time of day, etc.

    For the cost, it is one of the better solutions out there for parental monitoring. It is also cross platform (Android, iOS, OSX, Win).

    Edit: It also does not require root.
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    For our kids we use ATT's solution. I think your provider might be able to link all the actual texts to you too. Not sure about that because we don't do that but we do see the numbers he texts or calls. I think it can get as detailed as you want. If she has an iPhone you could also setup an iCloud account and login to that account on your device too. You can see texts real-time then.
  • jamesleecolemanjamesleecoleman Member Posts: 1,899 ■■■■■□□□□□
    Good deal. Thanks everyone :)

    I'll check out all of the suggestions and bring them to my other half.
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    It's a real problem because kids these days are so tech savvy. I guess my solutions won't stop her from using an alternative to connections via Snapchat or whatever. Maybe get her a crappy phone that doesn't allow her to do any of that. :D I had a friend who would crawl into her son's room at night and check his phone. I'm lucky that my boys don't text too much. Good luck.
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    You have to attack this in a dual pronged effort.
    I think you probably have done this already but:

    1.) You have to talk to your kid and tell him / her some of the facts on the ol' internet and the law.
    2.) Having them know that you can find anything is on your phone even if it is deleted. You may want to check the iPad and
    other devices he/she has used to connect online.
    3.) There is a phrase:'Say it forget it, write it regret it.' that comes to mind. This is huge in regards to social media and will
    come back to bite them sometime down road. Especially if they are trying to find a job.
    4.) Take them to your local school, police station, or ISC2 event where the kids are trained on social media / internet and
    the evil side of humans that bring some knowledge to the forefront to let them know things can go really bad really
    5.) Watch for games that use the GPS in the kids phone. I know there are a few but I cannot think of them at this time.
    6.) Change your rules of engagement and have his/her phone with you every night when you go to sleep.

    Good Luck to you !!!!
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    I haven't read this book so I have no idea what technical level it's written at, but I ran across it and thought I would post it.

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    I'd be careful not to run afoul of any wiretapping laws in your state. You might have the legal right to monitor your child, but the person on the other end has rights as well and you could be violating them.


    I believe this would cover the items you are looking to view.
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  • bigdogzbigdogz Member Posts: 881 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Net nanny is another good one.

    You may also want to make the kid(s) use laptops or PC's that have physical connections in your living room and den.

    Good luck!
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