Pk0-003 or pk0-004

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If I want to take Comptia Project + exam today,which one will I be writing?I'm confused about that. PK0-003 OR PK0-004 ?

On the Comptia website ,they still list the PK0-003, but not sure why some people here talk about and take the exam PK0-004



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    #3...#4 was in beta testing (till Dec) and I don't think it is out yet...I think it comes out in 2nd qtr of 2017.

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    PK0-003 is the current version. Some of us have taken the Beta exam (PK1-004) for the next version, which will presumably be the PK0-004. A release date for the next version has not been announced as far as I know, but I would expect it be sometime around when they release the scores for the Beta exam, which is Q2 2017.
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    thank you both
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    Is there a significant difference in the study material? I have the PK0-003 study material for free, and am debating if i should buy the newer version...suggestions?
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    You should pickup the PMP book and read the v3 material, then go thru CompTIA v4 objectives over and over until you understand each subject - heard it is lots of memorization, and some formulas for some problems.

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