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How, do you know its time to move on? How would you go about finding another role and perhaps moving up in the world as in your own company it doesn't look like you'll be moving up any time soon and you've already put in your two years... icon_study.gif


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    Some good insight in this thread from a few weeks ago:

    As to how you fond another role? Same way you found your current one. Networking, job boards, etc.
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    I think the fact that you're on a forum asking how do you know when it's time to move on is proof enough that it's probably time to move on. If you're bored with your current job, tired of the company, and you're sure there is no more room for advancement then you should probably start looking. I'd start asking friends and other acquaintances if they know of anyone hiring for the type of position you're looking for and check job sites like Monster and Indeed as well as your local newspaper. Good luck!
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    If you are already asking that question...then its time to start looking. If you have no way of advancement unless someone retires or quits, and you want to do more, it's time to go.

    Next step is to figure out what type of position/role you want to get into. Do you have the skills needed to get into that role? Do you need to spend additional time to train or get additional certifications to get you there? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself and prepare for.
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