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Hey, TE Members

I'm currently studying for my ICND 105 exam. I'm currently using packet tracer. I have the following configuration:

Router A:
Int serial0/0/0
Ip address
clock rate 64000
DCE - Connection
No shutdown

Router B:
int serial0/0/0
Ip address
No Shutdown

So on Router A:
ip route
i've also tried: ip route s0/0/0 and it still didn't work so I removed this route.

I can Ping from Router A Serial interface to Router B serial interface.

The configuration populate in Show Run, but the configuration does not populate in the routing table? Why?

Thank You, UsualSuspect
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    CoolhandlukeCoolhandluke Member Posts: 118
    They can ping because they are on the same subnet. No extra routes needed.
    If I had to guess - Your route has a higher metric than the connected route and so doesn't apply.
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    dontstopdontstop Member Posts: 579 ■■■■□□□□□□
    A basic function of a router is to add a connected route (it will appear in 'show ip route' as a route with "C" in front of it) for any subnet which an interface address resides in. These are known as the directly attached networks the router knows about. So because R1's s0/0/0 has the address ( a connected route with an Administrative distance (AD) of 0 will be added. The static route which you are trying to add has an Administrative distance of 1, the router will put in the route with the lowest AD into the routing table. In essence your static route is being ignored by the router because it has a better route to that network with a AD of 0 (the connected route).

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