Service integration and management (SIAM)

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Service integration and management is a set of management practices that introduces a service integrator 'layer' to an organisational model to govern and coordinate multiple suppliers.

It's been growing in popularity and is a good complementary skill area for ITIL/ITSM folks.

I've been involved with EXIN and BCS in developing the new SIAM Foundation exam which will be available in March this year. Supporting this is the SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge which is available as a free download from - worth a look if you're going to be involved in any SIAM environments.

I'd be interested in your feedback and if you're seeing SIAM mentioned in your geographical area.



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    Hello Claire, I'm certainly seeing this as a more common requirement in job adverts here in the UK - it doesn't make the "essential requirements" list very often but I'm seeing it in the "desirable" section more and more, especially with civil service / public service roles.

    If you are looking for any beta-test subjects, there are likely to be a few people here willing to help (myself included).

    Do you have any links that explain SIAM in more depth?

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    Hi UncleB,

    SIAM is very mature in the UK, Europe and Australia markets, growing in New Zealand and the USA. Please DM me if you'd like to be part of the exam pilot and I can pass your details on to EXIN.

    There are some good perspectives on SIAM in the blogs here:
    The SIAM Body of Knowledge and process guides are free downloads here:
    And if you're in the UK, there's a conference in Leeds too:

    The BoK is a good place to start, particularly the 'what is SIAM' and 'history of SIAM' sections.

    Kind regards Claire
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    Hi Claire,
    I see this post is a month old now Do you know if they have accomplished the exam pilot yet, or might they still be looking for volunteers? I'm finding it difficult to find much information short of signing up for a class somewhere.
    Thank you,
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    Hi Nathan, the exam pilot has now been completed and the SIAM Foundation Certification launches today.

    ITSM Zone e-learning is available today (SIAM Foundation Online Training Course | ITSM Zone), we're doing a free exam offer during March when you buy the training. There are some classroom training companies getting accredited now that will be ready very soon, including Fox IT and Kinetic IT. I'm waiting for a full list from EXIN and BCS, so I'll let you know if there are any in the US.

    If there's any other information I can give you just let me know. We've had a great response to the BoK so far.

  • nateford2nateford2 Posts: 2Registered Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thank you for the information, Claire.
    I think this is much needed. Great job to you and your team!

  • Claire AgutterClaire Agutter Posts: 771Member ■■■■■■□□□□
    Thanks Nathan! It's been a brilliant project to work on :)
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    This has been an interesting thread to to better understand, SIAM is a framework that aligns with ITSM/ITIL? Is SIAM "new"? I checked the link above that you posted Claire, and the training looks like something I would like to pursue eventually. How does it "fit" in the ITSM world?
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    Hi Yoshii, thanks for the feedback. SIAM is a way of adapting and augmenting traditional ITSM processes so that they work in a multiple supplier environment. It introduces some new roles, structures and functions that aren't in current frameworks like ITIL.

    The introduction of a 'service integrator' role gives the customer a single point of contact (so they are not trying to manage all their suppliers individually) and also encourages the suppliers to work together and focus on outcomes and improvement, not their own targets.

    SIAM has been developing for over a decade, but many companies have created their own approach and the work that Scopism has done is the first time all of their thinking has been brought together. That's the short answer but if you download the free body of knowledge there are SIAM history and SIAM and other frameworks sections.

    It doesn't replace or contradict existing frameworks like ITIL. For me, learning about SIAM will be a good investment for any ITSM professional who is looking to develop their skills and particularly if you are working in a large environment with many suppliers.

    I hope that helps but happy to answer more questions icon_smile.gif

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