Network Printer issue

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Good morning/afternoon to you all.

I wouldn't normally post in the forums here for these issues but i think with the knowledge base here i would be advised best on my issue.

So I have a client that has network accessed printer Make: Xerox : Model WorkCentre 6505, now the printer is only used by 3 persons on average and has never shown any faults or issues. But recently on only one of the users PCs it seems disconnect itself every Monday morning like clockwork this has happened for two weeks now, so my resolve last time was to just remove the device and restart both the printer and PC that always fixes the issue.

However i always get called to come and do this which is a pain as it is a client and i cant keep on using this as my fix, so I would really appreciate it if anyone had any advise on this issue i can send further details of the setup of the printer on request.

Thanks in advance


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    Maybe this computer is not shutdown over the weekend, and the printer goes to sleep mode, then the disconnection happens...
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    If the driver is not installed locally for this user, this would be my recommendation. Create a new standard TCP/IP port with the IP address of the printer during the installation.
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    Was this printer added manually or through GP?
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    Thanks for your replies everyone to answer your questions.

    Q1 - She apparently shuts down her PC at the end of each day.

    Q2- I do not know if the drivers were installed locally as this printer was set up by another company before me and i have taken over all equipment for this company, but i will at this tomorrow and give it a shot thanks.

    Q3- i believe it was added manually as they are not on a server.

    Thanks all
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