Changes could be coming soon to H1B Visa Program

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I think if implemented this could make a drastic change in how American Citizens who are skilled in tech are going to be paid and hired. I personally have seen the H1B visa program abused. It drives down the technology worker salaries making less American workers wanting to go into the sector. Also, it could drive companies into hiring more permanent and fewer contract workers to save cost by offering benefit packages that keep wages down and they reap tax benefits from the benefit packages they offer. Any thoughts on this?


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    I haven't been following the situation very closely, but I think at this point it's too early to tell. I'm sure that some will debate opinions though.

    As we learned from the previous administration, exec orders are often akin to a child's wish list...this is what I want for Christmas, so get it for me. The only reason I say that is I saw over the weekend that a federal judge overrode at least part of the order saying that people with a valid visa could still enter the country.

    While my inner Vulcan believes the lack of information doesn't warrant the use of speculation, I'll say there's a possibility any plans, whether they be on immigration, defense, or environment, will ultimately be watered down just due to how our legislation works. I do strongly believe that some companies probably wouldn't survive paying higher wages because they've built their planning and operations around relatively low wages...not too different from an employee who expects and counts on a bonus to make ends not only could fewer contract workers be likely, there could be fewer full time workers as well. A "More Pay for Bob = More Responsibility for Bob = We Don't Need Jim in Networking Anymore Because Bob is Absorbing the Role" kind of deal.

    Time will tell.
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    I read the link; but remain highly skeptical.

    The U.S. is bought/run by Multinational Corporations.
    H-1B visas aren't going anywhere.

    (just my opinion)
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    I'd like to see the whole program get dumped on the ash heap of history.

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    Label me very skeptical that anything of substance will be done given how much influence big business has with this administration.
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    meh - I have never hired anyone on a H1b ever because it was cheaper. In my experience, hiring a H1b worker was frankly a pain from an administrative perspective and never a cost-savings. If I was labor-arbitraging work - I hire remotely either in various parts of the US or overseas.
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