AP aironet 1142n issue

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Walking down the hall one day I noticed an AP that was blinking red, green, and amber. This indicates it cant find the controller. So I went ahead and did the following:

- Verified no issue with ethernet cable and port config, can ping controller from switch without issue
- Connected to a known working switchport that is used for another AP and issue remains
- Consoled into AP and reviewed messages and noticed the following: It does pull an IP address and recognize the controller however exactly 10 seconds later it states "Not sending discovery request AP does not have an IP." and loses its IP address.
- Tried to statically assign an IP but these are operating in lightweight mode which means global config mode is not recognized.
- Reviewed traps on controller and found no info related to this AP
- Confirmed its not pulling a duplicate IP via DHCP scope/ leases

AP is currently running C1140-RCVK9W8-M version 12.4 release

All APs are configured to pull their IP via DHCP.


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    what is your IP address under the BV1 interface? Are you using DHCP option 43? It will lose it IP address if it can't reach your WLC on the current IP address (either DHCP or statically assigned)

    What I would do:
    check the L3 switch there is no duplicate IP addresses based on the ARP/MAC
    ping your WLC from your ap
    put "debug capwap console cli" into the AP session
    try to statically configure IP address on BV1 interface
    change your boot pointer to your rckv image and delete all other configuration in flash (if it can join to your WLC on rckv image and download the new code, it might be a bug on your current firmware)
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    Verified AP can ping controller

    Set static IP, DG, controller, and AP reads:

    "Translating "CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER"...domain server ( (
    Forcing AP to obtain IP address using DHCP
    Did not get log server settings from DHCP
    Could not resolve CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER"

    The domain server info is correct.
    "The secret to happiness is doing what you love. The secret to success is loving what you do."
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