Upgrade MCITP:EA to 2012


My employer wants me to upgrade my MS Server Certs to 2012R2. Am I right by saying that if I take the 70-417, I can update to MCSA:2012?


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    Yep, I did that in 2014 and it worked.

    One note though, it is a general opinion on this exam that it is extremely hard and it's much easier to knock them separately (there are 3-in-1 here).

    Unless you are a superbright I wouldn't advise to take 70-417. I failed mine once and passed the second time with exactly 700 on 1 of the 3.

    The problem with this exam was each exam section was scored separately and you fail if any of the sections is below 700. You can score 1000 on the remaining two, but these points won't spill over, so if you score 695 on the third section -- you are out.

    I don't think that they changed that as it is an old exam by now.

    Why three separate are easier is because you have a chance to test yourself against a bigger question bank, therefore making your score more precise. With 417 you have just a a few dozen of questions on each section which makes the weight of each answer very high, so if you screw it, chances are you failed everything.

    Good luck anyway.
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