LinkedIn will now let you discreetly signal when you’re looking for a job

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    Cool so now you can tell your HR people that use LinkedIn that you're trying to leave. lol icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Oh good, they try to filter out current employer. Hopefully how they categorize affiliation is effective.

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    I'm not concerned, my boss already knows I'm looking for another job. It was kinda funny, on my last review he said your doing a great job, but maybe you should start looking for another job. Talk about mixed signals, to be fair he meant within the same company, the site I work out is scheduled to close in 35 months. I have the long to land something else within the company or I'm out on the street.
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    I've often wondered if Linkedin really has any value outside of recruiters contacting you to see if you're interested in positions. I've never had an account (not a social media fan). And, as a privacy/security guy, I cringe at my data being public because..I use Linkedin for social engineering all the time.
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    That is pretty interesting, though I'm sure there are ways around it, unless your very tight about who you connect with. I don't know if Talent Acquisition is really going to go seek out your management hierarchy to tell on someone though, if so they definitely need to be looking for a new job :)
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    Did you also read about the companion service for managers to keep an eye on staff who may be flight-risks? icon_twisted.gif - just kidding.

    I recall getting an email about it when it was rolled-out. I think it's just Microsoft trying to be smarter about monetize some features. There is a setting that's been around where people could set an "interested in new opportunities" flag which anyone could see. It was great for people hiring that were not recruiters or doing it casually. This is really a way for Microsoft/LinkedIn to add more value to the Recruiter Premium service.

    @Chinook - I think you may be missing the point of LinkedIn. It's a great business tool and it's not used just by recruiters. It's a great way to manage your network and business contacts. And in some cases make new contacts for many business reasons. I used to guard who I connected to very carefully but lately I find myself accepting invites from people that I've not met - I do watch for sockpuppets and random people and those are fairly simple to ignore. There are a myriad other reasons that I use LinkedIn but I don't want to risk hijacking the thread.
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    I flipped it on and added a description of what I am looking for, we'll see if I get any good hits.
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    Linkedin in is Facebook 2/Business. Just recruiters hitting you up for worthless jobs.
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