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So I've started a week ago studying for Net+
I am currently reading Mike Meyers Net+ book, doing 1-2 chapters everyday. I notice a lot of people say his book is not complete and has some extra which doesn't help. It's been an easy read for me so far, so I plan to finish it. While reading I also take notes cuz that's my method of study. If I take notes it's easier to remember things. I used his A+ Study book to pass also and it worked fine, plus other online classes and tests.

How do I feel so far ?
After each chapter I'm feeling confident and I feel to understand everything right. But as reading more and more, it seems like I'm forgetting or mixing up things I had read on previous days. It's a lot of standards and protocols.

I want to start doing tests, but I will do that once I'm done with the book, cuz I find I must learn first about all the processes and protocols before taking tests so I know what the tests are about.
I'll be taking examcompass and mike's tests, plus will see what else people suggest.
I notice many of you suggest Professor Messer videos for being spot on the study objectives. I tried Messer for A+ but it didn't quite work for me. It's too serious, making it painful to go through many videos, I always get distracted. So far, Mike Meyer's videos worked better. But if I have to, I will give Prof Messer another chance.

Opinions and suggestions are welcome.

Study material so far:

Mike Meyers Net+ Book
Udemy Mike Meyers Net+ Videos

Net+ Objectives List
Professor Messer Pop Quiz Tests for Net+
Professor Messer Net+ Videos

Mike Meyers Total Tester Tests
Exam Compass Tests

30 minutes daily subnetting practice at


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    I am working on the same cert. Going through exam cram atm and then following up with prof messer videos and transcender. will book exam date in 2 months time. Good luck!:)
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    I want to take it somewhere at the end of March but if things go better I'll take it earlier.
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    i am also working towards getting this cert, i passed 3 MTA's last year and the networking one is pretty similar to this. I have found Todd Lammles study book pretty useful so far. still need to go through prof messer videos. Hoping to sit my exam within the next two months too! good luck:D
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    So I finished with the book yesterday.

    I am going to start doing some tests and take notes of the questions which I am getting wrong so I could review the subjects again.
    And next week will take Exam objectives and go through each point one by one and thick them off as I am gonna try to solidify the knowledge I gained so far.

    Tests am going through at the moment:
    Professor Messer Pop Quiz
    Mike Meyers Total Tester

    How's going for you guys ?
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    professor messer also has a free study group and also chat
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    I used Professor Messer Network+ Videos and Exam Cram Book + Practice Questions, also print out the Network+ Exam Objectives from CompTIA's website and go over them and make sure you are familiar with everything on the Exam Objectives.
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    Yeah I printed the objectives and as I go through questions and tests, whenever I come across terms I don't know I take the objectives and try to review the subjects.

    So I am reviewing subjects from the objective using also Professor Messers videos. It works well so far.
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    icon_thumright.gif I used Professor Messer for my A+, N+, and Security+. He helped explain the concepts.
    Bachelor of Science - Information Technology - Security
    Associate of Science - Computer Information Systems
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    Yeah I am using it where I feel confused with the terms and concepts to get a better understanding.
  • Thoth_DhwtyThoth_Dhwty Member Posts: 96 ■■■□□□□□□□

    So after starting doing tests from an average of 65% correct answers I went up to getting 80-85% correct answers on Mike's tests and examcompass website. Mike's test are starting to repeat themselves so I will have to find a new source for testing I guess. I just started with examcompass so I have around 18 tests to take there still.

    I also doing subnetting practice 30 minutes every day at They have a free subnetting practice area and it asking questions about number of subnets and hosts, subnet mask to ip addres, shorthand or CIDR notatin and asking about first/last valid hosts in a subnet given IP and mask. It's a good practice and the more I do the better I become with it everyday.

    I wondering, will Net+ go really deep in subnetting or just basic questions ? Should I memorise the exponents of 2^12 and so high numbers ?

    I also done a lot notes using the comptia objectives at same time while watching Messers videos. Helped a lot.
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