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I plan on testing due to deadline soon. This weekend actually. I had a Comptia Instructor tell me that if i turned into a subject matter expert on the first 4 chapters of the Comptia Book/Objectives. I should have no problem passing the exam. Anyone can chip in an confirm or add any inputs.

I plan on reserving at least 30 hours from today until Friday night to study.

My study resources are:

CompTia Book
Comptia Training Course 40hrs
Darril Gibson - Get Ahead Get Certified Premium Service
Darril Gibson - App Flash Cards
Darril Gibson - Study Guide


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    Not sure I understand... Your study resources have all ready been covered and now you have 30 hours before the test? Or do you mean you have 30 hours to study before the exam and you are just starting out with those resources? I suppose it's doable, if you absorb quickly, have print-outs for all of your practice test-questions or you are doing on-line testing questions... AND you can watch your Training Course on a faster viewing speed (ex... 1.5 speed). Know your stuff. This exam isn't cake without experience. Mine was all over the place and a few of the simulation questions caught me off guard with their complexity, but it's doable.
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    Why are you only wanting to be an expert on the first 4 chapters of some random comptia book (does comptia even make books?). the test should cover all of the material, not just part of it. I'd assume all of the parts are tested equally, too, instead of just picking which ones are more important.
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    I would get the GCGA Premium online content and listen to that non stop until Friday...even in your sleep.
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    Four chapters could get you a pass based on percentages set forth by COMPTIA depending on what's in those chapters, lol...
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    What people who give advice on how to pass certification exams usually fail to consider is "how much does the certification candidate already know about the material?" and "How well does the candidate know how to study the material?"

    When you study for a cert exam, you are mostly performing self-assessments on how well you understand and will remember the topics that may be found in the exam you take. People are usually not competent in this self-assessment aspect even if they use aides, such as practice exams--most of which are not accurate.

    Even if the exam is passed, the ability of the candidate to retain and use the knowledge learned is not very good. How many people could pass the same exam six months later with no additional studying? If you are getting a certification to use in a job then retaining what you learn from studying for a cert is actually more important than passing the cert exam itself.

    So when somebody says, "All you need to do is study ABC for N hours a day for M weeks and then you will pass the XYZ exam!", realize that formula may have worked for the advice-giver, but probably won't work for you.
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