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Hello, I am currently in the process of studying for the Certified Electronics Technician Exam given by ETA. I have been working in the field of electronics for a couple years now and have decided to get this cert for the simple fact that it will give me a promotion at my current company. I have purchased the study guide from ETA and have begun going over the material. I was curious if anyone has ever taken the exam and could give me some pointers, I shouldn't have trouble memorizing the basic facts for I am more worried about the math portion of the test. My current plan is to make note cards out of the three 100 point pre tests I was given to study over and learn some of the math on the side. I was hoping it wouldn't take to long to study and pass the exam but the study guide is very intimidating... If anyone has ever taken this exact exam could you please give me any tips. Thanks and wish me luck!
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