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Hi All,

After almost a decade of putting it off, I am finally taking the plunge and taking to the RHCSA. I am planning on scheduling it for this May. My experience with linux is kind of limited, I have used linux off and on as my main OS, I've configured LAMP and done some PHP projects with it such as creating a script that will automatically create users in ProFTPD with a mysql backend and created a PHP file that would emails to a list that sendmail would use to send mas emails, troubleshotted spam with sendmail, used Samba to create roaming profiles for WIndows boxes, and used Ghost4Linux to deploy Windows boxes. I have also have had a Samba 4 AD server working in a lab environment where I was able to install server admin tools on a Windows and administer AD and Group Policy as if it were a regular Windows domain controller.

I am using the following resources to prepare for the exam:

LinuxAcademy RHCSA prep
Doing the labs in the RHCSA and RHCE : Training and exam preparation Guide by Asghar Gori

So with my experience plus what I am using to prep what do you all think about May being enough time to prep for this exam?


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    hiddenknight821hiddenknight821 Member Posts: 1,209 ■■■■■■□□□□
    You seem to know what you are doing, and I'm sure you'll be fine. All the resources you listed are good enough. Although, I can't comment on Asghar Gori's book, but the most important thing that will get you far is labbing. As long as you lab frequently enough, then you'll have a greater chance of passing the exam.
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    asummersasummers Member Posts: 157
    With that experience you will comfortably do it within those timescales.

    Your definition of "somewhat limited experience" needs rework though :)
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    scottctaylor12scottctaylor12 Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I read Ghori's book and that is a good resource. The most valuable resource I came across was certdepot.net which I see you are using. As hiddenknight821 said, labbing is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!! For the RHCSA, you need two vms which will be the client and server. Also, one very very very important resource are the exam objectives. certdepot.net is organized where it goes through every one which is great. Just make sure you can do every single one such as connecting to an existing authentication service and the LVM stuff. This is where you will need the two vms.
    As far as timeline, with your experience I could see you completing it within 3-4 months with consistent practice.
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