Percentage of IPV6 questions on ICND2 exam.

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Amount of preparation needed for IPV6.


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    Answering that question would violate NDA as you cannot talk about the format or question frequency.

    If you're getting into networking today you need to know IPv6 anyway. Might aswell bite the bullet and learn it now before you have to deal with it in production. Anyway, IPv6 is great! No more subnetting *kinda* :)
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    Thanks! Will delete the thread then.
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    The best way to figure out how much you NEED to know is first by looking at the objectives published by Cisco on their website. If you get a practice exam from a reputable site, it should contain the types of questions/scenarios that you would be expected to know for the exam. In my opinion, the amount that you NEED to know for ICND2 is not that bad. Definitely not AS important as what you need to know for IPv4.
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    I took the net academy classes a few years ago and they emphasized a lot of IPv6.

    Then when I took the test it focused a lot more on IPv4. It's good to know and you should definitely understand the basic structure of how IPv6 addresses are written and how they communicate with neighbors. Overall should be easy to cover.
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