Best Computer Language For Infosec

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Hi guys, I recently shifted my career towards cyber security/infosec, and I am very interested in what kind of computer/programming language would look good in my resume or relate to my fields of study. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    If you aren't sure what area of infosec you are likely to work in, Python is a good choice. It's C like, scripting, available on most platforms and relatively easy to learn and start doing functional things. You can use it to automate analysis, monitoring, configuration, and even pentesting and there's a fairly good community of users in infosec.

    If you are going deep dive into Infosec, malware analysis, code auditing and such fun, then you'd likely want a much stronger grounding in computer science and a grasp of a few languages including C, Java and assembler (down to the hex for opcodes). But for that, Python is still a good starting point.
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    +1 for Python
    +2 for Powershell (powershell has recently made a strong push in the security industry)

    Familiarity of C, Java, PHP, Ruby is good too.

    There is no such thing as one language for security. You have to be familiar with many and be very good in others. My "others" are powershell and Python. I really want to be proficient in those two languages. The others I want to be familiar with, I don't need to be an expert in the others.
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    Most infosec jobs don't need any knowledge of any programming languages. Unless you are doing pentesting or trying to automate some ridiculously complex manual task, or doing some type of devops infosex job then you wont need any programming. Been in infosec for 5 years now and really the most I've used was a powershell script to query admin accounts on workstations. Even that didn't have to use it much after company bought a privilege identity management solution. But yeah powershell would be useful in other areas too.
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    Python for programming language
    Powershell + bash for scripting
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    Thanks everyone for your answers, I really appreciate it.
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