Considering taking the CIPP G/T certifications in the near future

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I am new to the privacy world and I am looking to take some CIPP related certifications such as the G(Government) and the T(Technical) certifications. It doesn't appear to be as much guidance in this area as there was when I took and passed the CISSP, are there any CIPP certification holders (or those studying the CIPP certs) that have information on good study guides for the CIPP G and/or T? Any experience I should be aware of when taking these test compared to the CISSP in terms of difficulty?


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    Hi Gorby, I'm late to the party, but ran across your post. Did you ever take/pass the CIPP/G exam? What were your thoughts? I'd like to get it before it ends on September 30 and am wondering if I need to scramble to get into an online course or if you think I have a chance of passing using the books. Or if there are other resources or information you think would be helpful, I'm open to any and all suggestions!
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    I have the CIPT, the new name for the technical. I plan on the CIPP E and US. The questions I dealt with on the CIPT were similar to the CISM... In best and most style questions with all answers often required. They are also often essay based multiple choice.

    Honestly not an easy test but fairly rewarding. I consider the questions on average harder than CISM but not as broad.

    Sorry I have not taken the CISSP, though I plan to. I am trying to give as solid a commentary as possible for you.
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