I was asked to write and abstract and ....

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Last week, my manager asked myself and one other individual to write an abstract. We were both given a different topic and my manager was going to submit them to the client. The client was then going to weigh in if they wanted to submit it to a big conference (the world big) to see if they would request a full paper.

My topic was related to technology but it was more in the realm of data, which is not my area of skill. I'm a network tech who just knows a bit of that area from being in proximity of it all.

Well I wrote my abstract and submitted it. I was informed that it was really good, but it didn't flow the same as the other topic (which was written by someone who has been published and this does fit his area/skills). My manager went on to say that he just had him look it over and edit some things and if it gets asked to be written as a paper he would have him do it.

I don't know how to feel about it. A part of me gets it and was puzzled to begin with. On the other hand, I raised my concerns when I was first asked to write the abstract, but he insisted that I should do it. I had my own original ideas and concepts. I don't know how much was changed. For all I know, the co-worker could have been told to write his own. Also, with two different topics why would it matter if they had different tones? It was an abstract. I asked if it was what he was looking for and he told me yes.

Should I just let it go?
Could this possibly be plagiarism?


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    If your abstract was written as a paper and you were given no credit I would say it is light plagiarism but more of a shady move. We I published a Geology paper in my undergrad I added the professor who proofread and helped me with it because he contributed. I would just be happy you were asked to submit something.
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    You hit a few key words that I needed to hear, thank you Pocket.
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