CISSP Proof of Employment

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Hi all,

For those who received their endorsement from someone at (ISC)2, as opposed to a personal reference, what did you use for the "Upload Proof of Employment" portion?

I've got a one year experience waiver, and the remaining four years of experience includes two positions with the same company / same supervisor. For the first position (started in 2013), I uploaded my offer letter. For my current position (transitioned in January 2015), I included an employment verification letter on company letter head from my VP of HR that I used last year (April 2016) to show proof of cross-country home-based employment during a mortgage application.

I'm hoping this will suffice, as all of the HR contact data on the letter from last year is still current, but if anyone has any input on whether or not this wouldn't be enough... I'd like to catch it early so I don't delay the process!

LinkedIn - Just mention you're from TE!
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