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I'm just wondering how you time this because these bootcamps aren't offered everywhere all year long. Do you schedule a CCIE bootcamp when your in the middle of your CCNP studies and the bootcamp is 6+ months out or do you wait until you've finished and potentially wait a year for the next one to come up after you complete your CCNP?


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    Some of it really depends on the boot camp and how far you live from the site. On some days with Narbik, are you sure you want to add a commute? Unless you live next door to the site, you might want to consider getting a room so you can be better rested. And if you're willing to do that then driving to another site is a small stretch, assuming there are other offerings of your preferred vendor within say 300 miles.

    I think the timing has more to do with when you think you'll be ready for the lab. There's little point in taking a boot camp 12 months out unless there are other reasons for doing so. I'd aim for a boot camp 2-3 months from the lab date, in an ideal world but if you have to do earlier, you do earlier. Maybe find out the policy on rescheduling, schedule the early one and as it gets closer make the decision then.
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