vcp6 certification vs aws certs is vcp going to die out and be replaced by cloud

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vcp6 certification vs aws certs is vcp going to die out and be replaced by cloud. the Vcp certification costs a lot of money.


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    VCP certifications only cost a lot of money if you take a conventional training course.

    There are distance learning courses from the likes of Stanley CC (discussed here and a lot of people here have taken the course to get certified), so you can get certification for less than $250 including the exam fee.

    It isn't going to die out anytime soon, but a smart player would look at VMWare, AWS and Azure as these are all the current backbone of cloud based computing.
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    VCP and AWS are very very different. Most orgs are using AWS for production facing revenue generating activities, primarily for its scalability. I'm oversimplifying it a bit but still. VCP can effectively manage on premise cloud for internal servers/activities. vSphere can certainly run a publicly facing cloud but for the most part when its built out, its for the consumption of internal services.

    So VCP/AWS don't have to compete, they can complement each other as well (for instance have a large on prem deployment powered by vSphere with external facing things running on AWS).
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    Can I sign up for the Stanley CC if im from the uk.
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    mo786 wrote: »
    Can I sign up for the Stanley CC if im from the uk.

    I can't answer that, but there are VMware IT Academies in the UK which offer cheaper training and a discount on the exam. The Academies generally offer the same course, but over a longer time frame, compared to the 5 day commercial courses, and generally at a much lower rate (maybe 20% of the cost). They give you a discount voucher for the exam, which I think gives 70% off the normal exam fee.

    The upside is that if there's a local academy, and the price is right, you might be able to get classroom instruction.

    VMware also offer online labs where you can try out and learn many features, even beyond the basics for VCP.

    You can get a free, time limited, license for VMware for your home lab. Or you can join VMUG and get 12 months licensing for 3 hosts and Vcenter (and probably other things) for fairly cheap ($200?).

    VMware is still very much a popular product in the on-premise, private cloud, market. I don't see that changing very soon. Their arrangement with AWS also means it will be sticking around in some form for a long time. So I don't think there's much risk in getting VMware certified.
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    Can I sign up for the Stanley CC if im from the uk.

    Yes. I did it last year (I'm in the UK) for the VCP 550 course and it has now evolved into the VCP6 course - a quick search on the virtualisation thread will give the details you need.

    There is a waiting list for it, but it it worthwhile doing on cost grounds alone. Note that the course is not in depth enough to get you ready for the exam, but you are not obliged to buy the course material book and would be better off investing in the Mastering VMware 6 book instead.

    VMWare are now linking into the public cloud using the VCloud Air service:

    Given the sheer number of companies using VMWare, I think a lot will shift to use this rather than AWS as this means less skills for their existing staff to learn.

    I hope that helps.

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    Also bear in mind the strategic partnership AWS and VMware announced late last year. It would seem the two services could compliment each other nicely.
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    Well I see the rise of Hyper V as the real threat to VMWare. It was once "the" certification to get, but I see more and more Hyper V, even in larger firms. And then the cost factor.

    If I had to take a cert it would be Cloud related...
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    VMware isn't going anywhere. Microsoft will get a bigger slice of private cloud than they currently hold, and more companies will embrace public/hybrid where it makes sense, but for the foreseeable future VMware will remain the dominant hypervisor/private cloud platform.

    Learn VMware + one other platform, and I think you should be golden.
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