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Hi All,

Just after some general advice on entering the IT security field to get my *hands wet* as so to speak and wondering which exams are best at *opening doors*?

I've started and am working towards by CompTia Security + for the general understanding.

Any input would be appreciated especially from those already established in the industry.



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    Security+ to start, as 95% of people here will probably agree with. Once you've got that down and an appreciation for the various infosec realms, you can decide where you'd like to dig deeper. Any thoughts on which way you're leaning? want to be a good guy (blue team) or a bad guy (red team). management or technical? any type of industry - retail, healthcare, manufacturing, government, contracting?
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    Hi 636-555-6226,

    I want to be one of the good guys. I learn through books and through on-line content (e.g. CBT Nuggets).

    To start off with being a part of the technical team and someday becoming the overviewing manager, so I can obtain an understanding of the security sector.

    Contracting or Government is the most popular where I am from.

    Which certifications do you have? Where did you start? And what did you work towards when you were first starting out?
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