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Could anyone offer a little more insight onto 1.11 objectives on the Net+ of the virtual routers and firewalls ?

Mike Meyers offers a little information on it and even with Prof. Messers explanation I am a bit confused.

I understand that the bridging of the physical NIC of the server to the virtual NICs of the VMs is the virtual switching, but am left somewhere unknown with the technology behind virtual routers and firewalls.

Thanks a lot, appreciate it!


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    Virtualization is software only. But it carries out all the tasks of the physical device associated with it, just in a virtualized environment created on servers. Eg: a virtual system still has a NIC , though its not physical.

    Virtual firewalls are an appliance working via some software or a network firewall system. It performs the same functions as a physical firewall like MAC filtering etc.

    Same theory goes for virtual router and switches too. Look up SDN as well and you might get the gist of it.

    Hope I helped. :)
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    An example of above, is like Installing PFSense as a VM on a server and using that as a firewall/Router.

    If you needed a concept...

    Its been done, you dont need to buy a router when you can install a router VM like PfSense.

    Clear as mud?
    Kindly doing the needful
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